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  • Renewable Energy - simple clean high economic efficiency
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Taiwan patent number: M307718 firstTaiwan patent number: M307718 first
  • China Patent No : ZL 2006 2 0137268.0

  General Spesification
Model Remark
Product Name Bicycle Lights Wind Power
Product Number JPB BIKE
Wind Power Type Horizontal Axis Wind
Diameter (cm) 70
Number of Blades 5
Generators Permanent Magnet Generator
Start Wind Speed (km/h) 8
Rechargeable Battery Powered NiMH batteries
Battery 4 hours ( no charging case )
Weight (g) 148
Dimension (mm) 70 x 135 x 100

  Avaliable Color


  1. The use of wind power to recharge the battery, LED lights do not emit light ( day mode )
  2. LED lamps provide electricity from the wind and battery ( night mode, when the wind is small )
  3. LED lamps provide electricity from the wind ( power-down mode, when compared with the wind )

  How to Used
  1. First, loosen the plastic bolt
  2. In the long handle mounted on the buckle seat, a rubber gasket placed in the seat buckle and adjust to the strong position
  3. Wind lights lock buckle seat, and pushed to the positioning fastening
  4. Adjust the angle of the wind lamp, determine the direction of a bicycle moving toward the nose cone, and tighten the plastic bolt
  5. Release the wind lamp, press the button of the buckle seat and slide it forward wind lights

  How to Work