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Ground Floor Unit 4 Kusuma Chandra SCBD
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman - Jakarta Selatan

  • Multi-national patented floating hydro turbine for river, irrigation channel and ocean current power generation
  • Shrouded Design : Converged inlet and diverged outlet for optimal output
  • Floating Platform : Turbine blades submerged in water while generator and control installed above water surface, safe for operation and maintenance
  • Simple Anchor : Adjustable height with water levels
  • Cascaded Format : For larger output
  • Turbine Net : installed at inlet to avoid fish or grass entering turbine
  • Warning Signal : Flashing lights to avoid boat collision
  • Rudder : For stability and direction adjustment

  General Spesification
Model Remark
HT 60
Shrouded Design YES
Rated Power (KW) 2
Voltage Output (VAC) 110
Rotor Diameter (m) 0.6
Length (m) 1.5
Number of Blades 5
Start-up Water Speed (m/s) 0.7
Rated Water Speed (m/s) 3
Weight (kg) 60

  Comparison of Hydro Power
Type Traditional
Hydro Power DAM
Underwater Turbine
Floating Type
Hydro Turbine
  • Takes years to survey, design and build
  • Costly to build
  • Environmental Issues
  • The whole system submerged in water
  • Costly for installation and maintenance
  • Dangerous for boats and fish
  • High performance
  • Dry type generator and transmission
  • Low installation and maintenance cost
  • Eco-friendly
Build Time 10 YEARS 2 YEARS 1 MONTH

Cascaded Hydro Turbines Simple Anchor