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Ground Floor Unit 4 Kusuma Chandra SCBD
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman - Jakarta Selatan

  • Multi-national patented floating hydro turbine for river, irrigation channel and ocean current power generation
  • Shrouded Design : Converged inlet and diverged outlet for optimal output
  • Floating Platform : Turbine blades submerged in water while generator and control installed above water surface, safe for operation and maintenance
  • Simple Anchor : Adjustable height with water levels
  • Cascaded Format : For larger output
  • Turbine Net : installed at inlet to avoid fish or grass entering turbine
  • Warning Signal : Flashing lights to avoid boat collision
  • Rudder : For stability and direction adjustment

  General Spesification
Model Remark
HT 200
Shrouded Design YES
Rated Power (KW) 24
Voltage Output (VAC) 380
Rotor Diameter (m) 2.0
Length (m) 2.5
Number of Blades 5
Start-up Water Speed (m/s) 0.7
Rated Water Speed (m/s) 3
Weight (kg) 250

  Comparison of Hydro Power
Type Traditional
Hydro Power DAM
Underwater Turbine
Floating Type
Hydro Turbine
  • Takes years to survey, design and build
  • Costly to build
  • Environmental Issues
  • The whole system submerged in water
  • Costly for installation and maintenance
  • Dangerous for boats and fish
  • High performance
  • Dry type generator and transmission
  • Low installation and maintenance cost
  • Eco-friendly
Build Time 10 YEARS 2 YEARS 1 MONTH

Cascaded Hydro Turbines Simple Anchor